About the Band

Phantom City is a San Francisco Bay Area-based band comprised of 5 genre-bending musicians who blend old school rock with many different styles to create music that is both classic and yet contemporary, familiar yet adventurous. Borrowing from musical styles as wide ranging as reggae, country, funk and spoken word, each song delivers a heart-felt message in a unique sonic wrapper.

Their lyrics cover a diverse array of topics, from love and politics to life and death, all imbued with a unique worldview, yet always resonating with a humanistic heartbeat. Their writing features memorable melodies, infectious choruses and above all, passionate musicianship with attention to detail worthy of chart-topping artists.

The band have been performing at various venues and events in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003.


Red Sky

Listen to the Band's latest CD, "Red Sky", released in 2018. This powerful album features some of the band's most original, exploratory and exciting songs to date, so check it out!. Get it at Spotify or Amazon.

Off The Map (2011)

The band recorded their second CD in 2009. Most of the songs were first played at live shows, so they were finely honed by those performances. The songs on the CD were written by Steven, Trevor and Al, with both Peter and Harold contributing their own unique touches to the arrangements.

City of Dreams (2007)

Phantom's City's first CD, City of Dreams, released in January 2007, is a collection of unique and powerful songs which are so memorable you'll be humming them all day. With its soulful ballads and driving rock songs it lifts you up, brings you back down, and finally leaves you contented.

Dreams & Destiny (solo CD)

With some James Taylor-esque feel-good melodies and intimate lyrics, "Dreams and Destiny" has a southern twang mixed with a definite Californian rock, that made me smell the Pacific Ocean just listening to him.

The Band

Al Bedrosian


Trevor Hughes

Bass & Vocals

Steven Kacsmar

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Harold Parker

Drums & Percussion

Peter Vasilev



1 Apr 2020
Stay Home!

Seriously folks: Please stay indoors & stay safe!

30 Mar 2020
No Live Shows Right Now, but A New EP is Coming

The band's live showes are on hold due to the Covid-19 shutdown, but we're continuing to work remotely on recording a new as-yet-unititled EP, due for release later this year.

1 Mar 2019
New Website Launched

Welcome to our all-new, completely redesigned, hot-off-the-press-website. Enjoy!

24 Feb 2019
Phantom City back in the Studio

The band is excited to announce that since our last CD “Red Sky” has been joyfully launched out into the world, we've decided to return to the studio to record some of the growing backlog of our latest creations. In the near future we're going to focus more on singles and EPs and more frequent releases to help you hear our latest and greatest material sooner!

03 Mar 2018
Phantom City Press Kit

Interested in learning more about Phantom City or maybe reviewing our new CD? Just download our Press Kit.

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