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San Francisco-based Phantom City plays acoustic rock with contagious passion. These five versatile musicians blend together to create a classic sound that transcends genres. Each song is a unique musical journey, and their melodic originals feature lyrics that are both honest and relevant. Whether delivering an acoustic ballad, a soaring rock anthem or getting people up out of their chairs, the band's musicianship shines through. Phantom City grabs your ear and won't let go.

Phantom City have been performing at various venues and events in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003.

Steven Andrew Kacsmar
Steven is the primary songwriter, singer and front man for Phantom City. His music is an eclectic blend of rock, folk, and the blues. South of Mainstream describes his voice as a "mixture of James Taylor and Willie Nelson... It carries a twang as well as a soulful sound, and is also sophisticated." His songwriting is inspired by the complexity of relationships and by his passion for environmental and social justice. His first solo album, Dreams & Destiny was released in 2003 to critical acclaim.


Al Bedrosian
Al plays soaring and soulful lead guitar for Phantom City, and also contributes his own original tunes to the mix. His main influences are classic rock and the blues. Al previously played in the band Mistaken for Hipsters, and produced his first CD with Bill Spooner (singer/guitarist of The Tubes). In 2000, he co-founded and was lead guitarist for San Francisco-based Acoustic Son. Al has been playing with Phantom City since 2003.


Peter Vasilev
Peter tickles the ivories with creative abandon. His expressive solos and inspired playing adds a unique texture to the band's music. Peter has played the piano for most of his life, including stints with various rock and jazz bands, folk/rock trios, and as a solo artist. He has studied with some highly respected players over the years; R&B piano with Oakland-based Hurricane Sam, blues piano with noted author and teacher Aaron Blumenfeld, and jazz piano with the renowned Larry Vuckovich (protege and sole student of Vince Guaraldi).


Trevor Hughes
Trevor is Phantom City's bass player and co-singer, and he has added his own unique songwriting to the band's sound. He has been writing songs and playing music since the age of 13. A multi-instrumentalist, he has played guitar, bass, keyboards and drums in his musical career. He has also recorded and/or produced well over 100 songs with various bands, both in the U.S. and in his native land, Britain. Prior to joining Phantom City, he played bass for Acoustic Son, and was the creative force behind the duo Sister Mister.


Harold Parker
Harold is a rock fusion drummer and has been playing music since he was 17. Harold trained with Max Crooks, George Marsh and Jerry Panone. He has travelled on the road with Collage, and he has played with George Wensile of Krazy Horse, Eddie Neon, Jerry Garcia Band, Basics, Chill Band, and Rocking Chair. Now he brings his exceptional drumming talents to Phantom City.

  Others Say...
Roberta Donnay Musician/Producer
"I dig this record!"

Ken, Bryan Farrish Radio:
"...wraps the listener in warm emotion... Phantom City knows how to deliver perfect acoustic grooves with just the right amount of eclectic."

Amy Obenski
Ultra Indie Album Reviews:

"Phantom City's premier release, 'City of Dreams', is full of nostalgia, good times, and classic vibes. Listening to it constantly conjures up good memories of hanging out with friends from the past... Anyone who is a Classic Rock junkie could be swept up in Phantom City's tunes after just a couple of listens."
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