City of Dreams

Phantom's City's first CD, City of Dreams, released in January 2007, is a collection of unique and powerful songs which are so memorable you'll be humming them all day. With its soulful ballads and driving rock songs it lifts you up, brings you back down, and finally leaves you contented.

The CD title refers to the parable of the Phantom City from the Buddhist Lotus Sutra. This parable refers to finding a "City of Dreams" to help us overcome the challenges of our life's journey. The songs on the CD speak to the same themes - of the difficulties, opportunities and decisions we all face, individually and collectively, in our everyday lives, which can actually help us to discover and fulfill our true nature.

Others Say...

"I dig this record!"

Roberta Donnay, Musician/Producer

"...wraps the listener in warm emotion... Phantom City knows how to deliver perfect acoustic grooves with just the right amount of eclectic."

Ken, Bryan Farrish Radio

""Phantom City's premier release, 'City of Dreams', is full of nostalgia, good times, and classic vibes. Listening to it constantly conjures up good memories of hanging out with friends from the past... Anyone who is a Classic Rock junkie could be swept up in Phantom City's tunes after just a couple of listens."

Amy Obenski, Ultra Indie Album Reviews

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