city of dreams
  City of Dreams  
  Phantom's City's first CD, City of Dreams, released in January 2007, is a collection of unique and powerful songs which are so memorable you'll be humming them all day. With its soulful ballads and driving rock songs it lifts you up, brings you back down, and finally leaves you contented.

The CD title refers to the parable of the Phantom City from the Buddhist Lotus Sutra. This parable refers to finding a "City of Dreams" to help us overcome the challenges of our life's journey. The songs on the CD speak to the same themes - of the difficulties, opportunities and decisions we all face, individually and collectively, in our everyday lives, which can actually help us to discover and fulfill our true nature.
  The Parable of the Phantom City  

This parable tells the story of travelers who journeyed to a remote place seeking rare treasures. Their trek was long and arduous, but they had an experienced guide - a man who was not only wise, but who was very familiar with the route.

The road took them through a great desert where they had been wandering for many days when it became obvious that all of them, except their fearless guide, had given up hope of reaching their destination. They begged their guide to take them back, but just at that moment, he pointed to a gleaming city, shimmering in the heat in the distance, but near enough to reach before nightfall. The travelers mustered their courage and forged on, till they reached the gates of the wondrous Phantom City where they bathed, feasted, and refreshed themselves.

No sooner were their spirits renewed, when, to their great surprise, the guide announced that this city was a mere illusion, and that they were only a little more than halfway to their true destination, the Land of Rare Treasures. Instantly, the Phantom City vanished, and they found themselves back on the treacherous road through the desert. This time, however, determined to never give up until they reached their goal, they resumed their journey, able at last to fulfill their dream of finding the Land of Rare Treasures.

The pilgrims in this story are all of us. The guide is the Buddha, or one who is awakened to the true nature of life. The Phantom City is an expedient means the Buddha uses to teach the people. The road to the Land of Rare Treasures is the path to enlightenment, which can be found in the midst of our everyday struggles as human beings. This is the message of the Lotus Sutra; that we are already enlightened beings, no matter how hard it is to believe...


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  Others Say...
Roberta Donnay Musician/Producer
"I dig this record!"

Ken, Bryan Farrish Radio:
"...wraps the listener in warm emotion... Phantom City knows how to deliver perfect acoustic grooves with just the right amount of eclectic."

Amy Obenski
Ultra Indie Album Reviews:

"Phantom City's premier release, 'City of Dreams', is full of nostalgia, good times, and classic vibes. Listening to it constantly conjures up good memories of hanging out with friends from the past... Anyone who is a Classic Rock junkie could be swept up in Phantom City's tunes after just a couple of listens."
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