Lessons of War


Words and music by Trevor Hughes ©1981-2011


There’s a man who does what he can to
Keep things moving along
He’s just a peasant, he’s very pleasant
He knows where he belongs
They tried to sell him, they tried to tell him
What he’d be fighting for
He wouldn’t do it, he never knew it
But there had to be more

Lessons of war…

There’s a girl who didn’t want the world to
Pass her by for a single day
She had to try it, she couldn’t buy it
She volunteered and they took her away
She learned that dressing was such a blessing
Wiping pain from the fevered brow
But in the carnage, she couldn’t manage –
It blew her mind somehow

Lessons of war…

It’s a question, if things should be done
By those who want it to
I never know it, I’ll never show it
It’s something I’ll never do
So if they sell ya, and try to tell ya
What you’d be fighting for
Could you do it, if it came to it
Or don’t you know anymore

Lessons of war…

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