Off The Map

Phantom City's second album, Off The Map, was released in 2011. A unique blend of melodic pop tunes, soulful ballads and driving rock music, it engages you with the bands inimitable style. Using a combination of sincere, meaningful lyrics, satisfying harmonies and catchy hook lines it delivers thoughtful messages about many aspects of life, from the significant to the banal. The songs will have you tapping your feet and singing along, and before you even realize, it will get under your skin and make you want to listen to more!

The title Off The Map is a nod to the varied influences and styles the album embodies — so much so that the songs seemed to take on a life of their own. Because the band was exploring many different and novel musical and lyrical directions, it felt like they didn't have a map... so the title arose quite naturally to describe how it felt to be exploring brand new territory.

A subtle reference to each song on the album is incorporated symbolically in the cover graphic, above - see if you can spot them all!

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