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Off the Map


The band went into the studio in 2009 to start the recording process for our (then untitled) second CD. Most of the songs were written and first played at our live shows, and so the sound and arrangements were finely honed by those live performances. Although Steven continued to write much of the band's material, many of the new songs were written by Trevor and Al, with both Peter and our new drummer Harold contributing their own unique touches.

As the CD was finally taking shape, we started thinking about a name. We realized that with the varied influences and styles the CD had taken on a life of its own, and was exploring many different and new musical directions, almost like it didn't have a map... So the title "Off The Map" arose almost naturally to describe a CD where we feel we're exploring new territory.

The entire CD was recorded in Steven's own Snoring Dog studios, and in the process he has become an expert recording engineer. As the band wrote, arranged and produced all the songs ourselves (with a little help from our friends), and we're proud of the way the material has come together to represent who and where we are right now - even if that's off the map...


Go ahead, have a listen to the songs on the CD and let us know what you think. We hope you like it.


"I dig this record!" - Roberta Donnay, Musician/Producer


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